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Business Law

Supporting small businesses from startup to success

We help independent creatives (musicians, writers, designers, artists, marketers, etc.) and other entrepreneurs start, run and maintain legally sound business entities that support their dreams. From business formation to contract development, we’ve got your back.

Business Formation

Getting a new business up and running is hard—and sometimes frustrating—work. Let us help you with the boring, legal aspects of it so you can concentrate on the fun, creative parts. We’ll guide you through the process and help you figure out if your business is a:

• Sole proprietorship
• Limited liability company (LLC)
• Partnership (including LLP)
• C-corporation
• S-corporation

We can also help you develop a business strategy that will realistically help you achieve your goals, including whether you should hire employees or work with independent contractors.


You might see a contract as a just piece of paper with a bunch of legalese on it. To us, contracts are the instruments that turn dreams into reality. They are the bridge between an idea and its realization.

When two or more parties create or build something together, contracts simply spell out the plan for making it happen. They document what’s expected, when it’s due, how it should be done, and set all other parameters of a project or agreement. The best contracts are basic outlines that take potential confusion out of the equation.

So whether you’re a musician, an independent marketer, a commissioned artist, a home repair professional or another type of service provider, The Boen Law Office can help you:

• Negotiate and draft contracts that launch your project and protect your best interest
• Develop a boilerplate contract that you can use and revise as needed
• Analyze contracts from other parties that you’re asked to sign
• Investigate and dispute potential contract infringements
• Recover damages when promises are broken

Get it right from the start. A valid contract in place could potentially save you thousands of dollars if the project doesn’t go as planned. Let us help protect your business and personal assets.

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