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Family Law

Legal support for life’s transitions and challenges

The Boen Law Office is here to protect and defend your personal rights in family-related legal issues. Our main areas of focus are divorce, adoption, premarital agreements, child support and custody. Many of these issues can be settled out of court.


If it’s time to end your marriage we can help protect your interests and make the legal process of divorce as painless as possible. We’ll guide you through the process of dividing property, alimony, and child support and child custody. For new marriages that qualify, we can also help you through the annulment processes.


Expanding your family through adoption is one of life’s most exciting and rewarding opportunities. That said, the legal process of bringing a non-biological child into your family can be a long, confusing and trying ordeal. Let The Boen Law Office guide you and protect your interests through the entire adoption process. We’ll help you minimize frustration with the legal red tape and seemingly endless paperwork so you can focus on what’s important: preparing to welcome a new child into your family. You can work with us on international, interstate or local adoptions, through a licensed agency or private placement.

Premarital agreements

“Prenups” aren’t just for the famous or wealthy anymore. These mutual agreements simply spell out the rights of each spouse, including property division and alimony, in case of divorce. We’re skilled at drafting premarital agreements that help couples start their marriages

Child support and custody

Protecting your child’s safety and security is your number one priority, and we’re here to help ensure they get the support they need to grow. Whether you’re going through a divorce or facing another type of co-parenting challenge, we can help you secure favorable child support and child custody arrangements.

More areas of practice in family law

The four topics listed above represent the bulk of our family law cases, but that’s not all we do. We can also help you with cases concerning:

• Orders for protection (spousal or child abuse)
• Harassment restraining orders
• Paternity testing

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